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Kildare South Devons auction on line (29-Jun-16)
If you are looking at purchasing a new sire this year, with beef prices at never before seen levels, you need a sire that will put meat into your calves. Your opportunity to buy such a bull is provided on July 7 and 8 when Rick and Sue McDouall will offer 20 South Devon Bulls (11 Blacks and nine Reds).
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Orange Picking then Bingara throws a party (28-Jun-16)
On Friday, the Annual Orange picking will be held in Finch Street at 11.30 am. The next Day, the Bingara Orange Festival gets into full swing.
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Bingara Lions and Friends of Touriandi join forces to deliver a Breakfast/Morning tea extravaganza (28-Jun-16)
Sunday July 3, a wake up, morning after breakfast will be served at the Roxy Cafe. Lions are famous for their wonderful breakfast and this one will tantalize your tastebuds.  Make sure you get a table early as it will be table service and no bookings.
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Bingara Historical Society looks to the future (28-Jun-16)
The Bingara District Historical Society has begun to fund raise for a much needed new administration and storage building.
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Federal election day finally nears (28-Jun-16)
After a seven week campaign, Australians will be voting on Saturday. Already, according to the Electoral commission, more than 1.17 million people have already voted, compared with 775,000 in the same period in 2013.
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