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Myall Creek Massacre

On June 10, 1838, the infamous Myall Creek Massacre took place at Myall Creek Station where twenty eight Aboriginal men, women and children were massacred and their bodies burned. The ensuing court case marked the first time in Australian history that white men were tried for crimes against Aborigines. Seven men were hanged as a result.

An annualFriends of Myall CreekMemorial Service attracts people from all over the country and is held every June long weekend at the Myall Creek Memorial monument. The project was undertaken by a group of Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people working together in an act of reconciliation.  The memorial was erected on June 10, 2000. (162 years to the day!)

The project was awarded the Judith Wright Prize for innovative reconciliation work in 2005. 

The monument stands on a ridge at the end of a 500m path and overlooks the site of the massacre, 20km NE of Bingara on the Delungra Road.
7 plaques set in granite boulders along the path give parts of the story in both english and Gamilaraay language, and have illustrations by aboriginal artist Colin Isaacs.

Stone benches front each plaque, giving visitors a place to sit and reflect on this shameful part of history.

Myall Creek is now one of Australia’s most important centres of reconciliation and was recognised as such when on the 170th anniversary of the massacre, the site was placed on the National Heritage List.  The listing was announced by Heritage Minister Peter Garrett, whilst attending the memorial service.

In November 2010 Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Paul Lynch announced Myall Creek Memorial as part of the NSW State Heritage Register.

Thoughts 'n' Dreams competition

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Myall Creek News Articles

Thoughts 'n' Dreams - 2014 Myall Creek Memorial Student Art, Writing & Song Competition (23-Apr-14) [Read more...]
The Friends of Myall Creek Committee invite all school children from years K to 12 to participate in its annual ‘Thoughts and Dreams’ competition.  Join hundreds of other school kids across NSW to say NO to racism... and YES to treating everyone with respect and understanding.

National Human rights medal nominee to speak at Myall Creek (7-Jun-13) [Read more...]
The annual Myall Creek Massacre Memorial commemoration ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 9, following the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Myall Creek at the Myall Creek Hall.

Positive message at Myall Creek (14-Jun-12) [Read more...]
The Aboriginal Employment Strategy according to its founder, Moree cotton farmer, Dick Estens, is about “walking with purpose.” Mr. Estens was the keynote speaker at the Myall Creek Memorial annual commemoration service held at the memorial at Myall Creek on Sunday.

Myall Creek Commemoration (7-Jun-12) [Read more...]
The annual memorial commemoration ceremony for those who died in the Myall Creek massacre will be held on June 11. This public commemoration is held at the site of the massacre, west of Inverell on the Bingara-Delungra Road, commencing at 9.30 a.m. This year the meeting will be held on the Sunday, not Saturday, of the June long weekend.

Myall Creek a reminder of violence and oppression (26-Jun-11) [Read more...]
Address by Dr. Anne Pattel-Grey at the Myall Creek Memorial ceremony First I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands of Lionel and Sue’s people, and I would also like to recognize our ancestors and Elders, both past and present, and the descendants of those Aboriginal men, women and children who were massacred here on this spot.

Myall Creek ceremony about mutual respect: Minister (17-Jun-11) [Read more...]
The NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr. Victor Dominello, attended his first Myall Creek Memorial commemoration on Saturday, and was impressed by the activities of the day.

Myall Creek a priority for new Minister (1-Jun-11) [Read more...]
This year Mr Victor Dominello, the newly appointed NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and Minister for Citizenship and Communities, will attend the annual Myall Creek gathering on Saturday 11 June.

Myall Creek Memorial site Heritage Listed (20-Nov-10) [Read more...]
The Myall Creek Memorial, built in memory of the infamous Myall Creek Massacre of 1838, has been given the State’s highest form of heritage protection and recognition.

Myall Creek Education and Cultural Centre plans on display (31-Oct-10) [Read more...]
Architectural plans for construction of an Education and Cultural Centre in close proximity to the Myall Creek Memorial will be on display at a public meeting to be held at Myall Creek on Saturday 30 October.

Myall Creek Massacre Memorial proposed to be placed on State Heritage Register (30-Jul-10) [Read more...]
Public comment is being sought by the NSW Heritage Council on a proposal to place the massacre memorial commemorating the brutal Aboriginal massacre at Myall Creek on the State Heritage Register.

Speaker announced for Myall Creek Commemoration (7-Jun-10) [Read more...]
A young Ngemba/Gamilaroi woman, Ms Karen Barker will be the guest speaker at this year’s Myall Creek Memorial commemoration.

Lead up to Myall Creek massacre compared with global economic crisis (18-Jun-09) [Read more...]
The events leading up to and including the Myall Creek Massacre in 1838 were compared to “that same greed and expansionism that has produced, the global economic crisis,” according to acclaimed Aboriginal singer, Kev Carmody.

Schools respond well to Myall Creek Writing and Art Comp (18-Jun-09) [Read more...]
Local schools have provided an overwhelming response to the annual Myall Creek, writing and art competition. The competition which was open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in the New England area is held each year to coincide with the anniversary of the infamous 1838 massacre at Myall Creek.

Myall Creek massacre site on National Heritage List (14-Jun-08) [Read more...]
Heritage Minister Peter Garrett, has announced the inclusion of the Myall Creek massacre site on the National Heritage List.  Minister Garrett made the announcement while attending a memorial service for the 170th anniversary of the massacre.

Myall Creek book under the spotlight (2-Jun-08) [Read more...]
A book about the Myall Creek massacre and events leading up to and following the crime will be discussed on "The First Tuesday Book Club" on ABC television tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 3).

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